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 Hydro Demolition | Surface Preparation | Coatings Removal

Hydro Demolition
Hydro Demolition

Hydro demolition utilises both, high flow / high pressure up to 1500bar and lower flow / ultra-high pressure up to 3000 bar for the safe removal of defective and redundant concrete.

With the ultra-high up to 3000bar at 28 litres per minute equipment primarily being used for hand lance operations allowing reaction force on operators to be kept to 25kg maximum as currently recommended within Australian standards.

Hand Lance Cutting

Used on the majority of contracts, having the flexibility to access all areas.

Our units have been designed and built trailer mounted, allowing ease of access to:
  • Smaller sites and tight locations
  • Low dead load platforms and decks
  • Can be lifted to areas on site by crane, that larger truck mounted units would not have the ability to access.

Compact trailer units with a capacity up to 3000bar with a flow rate up to 70 litres per minute.

Hand lances have the flexibility of a wide range of working pressure and flow rates allowing for:
  • Precise scalpel type removal such as bridge bearing removal, investigation works, tendon exposure
  • Bulk removal
  • Concrete repairs, reinforcement exposure for structural alteration

In situation were the access is difficult or in a confined space, pressure and flow can be varied.

Using a higher pressure with a lower flow reduces reaction force on the lance, allowing for more precise control by the operative.