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 Hydro Demolition | Surface Preparation | Coatings Removal

How Hydro Demolition Works

Hydro Demolition offers a fast and safe alternative, where the preservation of structural elements is paramount.

Hydro demolition works by using high pressure water jets to penetrate the concrete matrix, breaking it down into small pieces. Similar in size to that of a percussive hammer but without structural vibration, damaging the reinforcement, substrate or adjacent elements.

It eliminates dust and structurally transmitted noise associated with conventional concrete removal methods.

It can be used for localised removals where deterioration is confined to small areas, for large area removals, for concrete surface aggregate exposure promoting bound and to remove existing coatings from concrete or steel.

This process provides a structurally sympathetic method of defect removal providing an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications.


Hydrodemolition technology can be used on all types of structures including:
  • bridge decks and substructures
  • tunnels
  • retaining walls
  • parking structures
  • warehouses
  • piers and wharves
  • water treatment facilities


  • Eliminates the exposure of operatives to percussive tool hand arm vibration.
  • No damage caused to the reinforcing steel.
  • Cleans corrosion and chloride salts during the removal process.
  • Elimination of micro cracking within the structure generated by percussive methods.
  • Dose not produce friable layer within removed area, which may lead to interface failure.
  • No vibration or resonance noise transition to the structure reducing / eliminating nuisance noise to occupants.
  • Provides a good key for subsequent reconstruction.
  • Increased output compared to conventional labour based percussive methods.